Dionysia is returning stronger to make an epic night for you all!

Live Acts:

* Fractal Spin (Shunyata Records)
* Mark Day (Muimina Sounds)
* Necropsycho (Alice D Records)
* Whrikk / WHRK (Sanaton Records / Haerlem Acid Krew)


* Laniakea (Organik Circus Records)
* Seaone (Prakrti Shakti Records)
Transcendental Spirit
Dionysia Collection

Visuals and Mapping:

* Trip
After Party Lineup - Powered by Conspiracy Members, Psyspace, Prakrti Shakti and SOS Psytrance:
* Lycanthropus (Conspiracy Members)
* Fractal Spin (Shunyata Records)
* Chozen Jo (Temple Twister Records / Milega Records)
* Psyche / Golden Teacher (Psyfunktion Records)
* Lah Narrad (WooDog Recordings)
* High Potency (Karmatec Records)
* Psychedel (Psyspace)
More to be confirmed...

Other Details:

After Party, Crystal Clear Funktion One Soundsystem, Secure/Private Warehouse Venue, Friendly Security, Cloakroom, Smoking Area, Reasonably Priced Bar, Atmospheric Lighting, Psychedelic Visuals, Live Painting, Comfortable Seating Area, Clothing/Crafts/Jewelry Stalls, etc.