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Hey there, fellow music lovers,
It's Pauly here, aka Psy:Dextra, and I've got something seriously exciting to share with you!!!
Hold onto your hats because I'm about to take you on a wild ride. I'm hosting an event like no other, and I've named it L’BORATORY. Yeah, it's a crazy name, but trust me, it's gonna be epic.
L’BORATORY isn't just another party. It's a journey—an exploration into the depths of trance music and the power of community. As we lose ourselves in the music, we'll forge connections that go beyond words, sharing moments of pure euphoria and transcendence.
Now, I've been working tirelessly to make sure this event is nothing short of mind-blowing. From the lineup of talented DJs to the jaw-dropping visuals, every detail has been carefully crafted to create an experience you won't soon forget.
Let's make some memories together at L’BORATORY.
See you on the dance floor!
Pauly (aka Psy:Dextra)

LINE UP!!!!!!!!
ELECTRIC SAMURAI - Holding nearly 200 million views on YouTube for his seamless mixing capabilities, this sensational DJ brings a mix of ‘Progressive’ and ‘Full-On’ psytrance style to the table. (NL)
ESKIMO - by JOHN PHANTASM - the founder of Phantisam Records and an one of the iconic pioneers of the psychedelic Trance sound founded in Goa in the mid 90’s, John will be playing a Tribute set to the legendary ‘ESKIMO’ (UK)
Mindfield was formed in London around 1992 by musicians John Ford & Simon Carman and pioneering Goa Trance DJ’s Mark Allen and Chrisbo, then resident DJ’s at their seminal London Party Pagan. They played at Return To The Source, Megatripolis, Space Hopper and many other genre defining parties and events of the early UK Goa trance scene, releasing a string of classic 12” vinyl releases and CD tracks such as Lets Get Stoned & Watch The Freaks and Odyssey Of The Mind & finally a double CD album collecting their tracks from ’94-’99.
Mark and Chrisbo left around ’96 to work as Quirk & Medicine Drum, leaving John & Simon to run their enormously influential Phantasm and Psychic Deli imprints which featured the earliest output of some of the scenes most talented artists, many of whom are among the most popular psytrance artists around today.
Sadly, Simon died in 1997 after a battle with leukaemia leaving John to fly the Mindfield flag at numerous parties & festivals worldwide such as Universo Parallelo, XXXPerience, Neverland, Indian Spirit, Full Moon etc.. until the present day as well as appearing in the worlds best clubs such as Club A in Sao Paulo, Comfort 13 and The Block in Tel Aviv, Difer Ariake in Tokyo, Heaven in Seoul, Ministry Of Sound in London, Backyard In Ko Pha Ngan etc.. and continuing to record as Mindfield as well as some memorable collaborations with Dickster, Mad Maxx, and Cosmosis among others, including with his son, psytrance legend Eskimo ..
John also creates psychill & Goa as Sundog
THALLOM - (Expo Records)Brazil born. Has been involved with the electronic music scene since 2009. Psychedelic trance and Fullon are the styles to which he plays. At events very prestigious for example "Universo Paralello", Brazils biggest festival. "Ozora 1 Day In London". "Illuminaighty", "Earthdance" & "Return To The Source". ThallOm has been successfully running events in London since 2012:- "Cohesion" London's Only Fullon Monthly Psy -Trance party & "illusiOm". He has shared the stage along side artists including Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Ace Ventura, Skazi, GMS, Sonic Species, Avalon , Tristan & Talamasca. Resident for many events and currently in production mode as "Mentalogic"
MELODIC NOISE - aka Dyego Dos Passos was born and bred in Brazil. Since his early years, Dyego’s passion for music was strong , and his love for the colourful refreshing sounds of Psy-trance grew. As did his desire to learn and hone his DJ and production skills and develop his craft further – which prompted a move to London, UK in 2006.
His loyalty and dedication to this powerful exhilarating sound grew further, and was infectious, swiftly landing him gigs and rocking the dancefloors at nightclubs and parties across London town.
His winning formula of playing driving, uplifting, groovy Psy-trance has earned him long term residencies at legendary club nights Cohesion and Illusiom and, has even seen him grace the decks at super-club Ministry of Sound. Melodic Noise has shared the stage with some of the Psy-trance scene’s finest veterans – Avalon, Infected Mushroom, Mad Maxx, Vini Vici and more.
SOMATRONIC - are a techno and multi-genre duo from the UK. Since forming in 2018 the boys are seeing some fantastic successes gaining support by world stars and spanning the globe with their sound. Support and backing from major artists such as Dom Dolla, Eli Brown, Patrick Topping, Spartaque, Tony Romanello, Mat Zo, Joseph Capriati, to name a few. Three decades of wisdom and creativity are built into their productions and form the foundations of the Somatronic sound. Their creation is energetic music which reconnects emotionally to 90s techno , rave, and the 00s hard house and hard trance eras. “We are here to provide the energy and smiles. Whether it’s dark, ravey, moody or euphoric we don’t care what genre it falls into... we just want to deliver great vibes”.
SATI - is truly in a class of her own, having played in the techno and psychedelic scenes for over a decade. Member of EXPO RECORDS, MANDALA BOOKING & PSY SISTERS , Sati has come up through the ranks to become one of London’s most prestigious psy-trance & tekno DJs. Her skills behind the decks have earn her an army of fans around the globe, including countries such as Sweden, Poland, Germany, Spain, Israel and Italy. If there is an underground psy event in London, you are most likely to see Sati on the line up!
DONNY MAC - is a known for his energetic sets and unwavering passion for the genre. He began his DJ journey at an early age, honing his skills and developing a deep appreciation for the power of music to bring people together. Today, Donny is a proud resident for IllumiNaughty, one of the UK's leading psytrance events. As a member of the IllumiNaughty family, he has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the scene, and his sets are always eagerly anticipated by fans. In addition to his work with IllumiNaughty, Donny is the creator of Psychonauts, a new psytrance event based in Birmingham. Through Psychonauts, he has been able to create a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talents and connect with others who share their love of the genre.
PSY:DEXTRA - In February, I attended my first PsyTrance event, a profound experience that transformed my life. The enlightenment and sense of wellbeing I gained were beyond words and imagination. The people I met in the PsyTrance community are like one big family it’s amazing, and my world has now shifted towards a brighter future. “No joke”
I was completely sober at the event, choosing to experience the journey as a substance of my higher consciousness. This decision deepened my connection to the music and the community throughout.
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