23 AUG AT 15:00 – 25 AUG AT 00:00

Psybercell @ Maui Maui 2024 11th Edition

Naughty N Nice is proud to be back at Maui Maui 11 giving you 3 days of full on Psybercell madness!!
We will be giving you a full power psychedelic experience, with a colour drenched dance floor filled with like minded warm and friendly people.
Our music will range from prog, psy breaks to full on and even dirtier beats!!
We are proud to announce this years headlining acts as follows;
Liquid Ross - Altered States (Friday)
Regan - Nano Records (Saturday)
Continuem - Sculpted Sounds (Sunday)
Guest DJ's
Artificial Llamas
Big G - Naughty N Nice/Psybercell
Bumble - Naughty N Nice/Psybercell
Donk - Naughty N Nice/Psybercell
Fuzion - Psylings/Rollin Grooves
Lysinergy - Audioaddictz UK
Messy Fish - Naughty N Nice/Psybercell
Om Wizard - Enteric/Psybercell
Program - YSE
Psygringo - Naughty N Nice/Psybercell/Psylings
Psyrah - Psybercell
Rex Rated - Naughty Nice/
Sizey - Celtic Tribe
S&M - Psylings
Screwloose - Naughty N Nice/Psybercell
Symbiotrix - Psy Kingdom
W17KO - Woo Dog Recordings/Psypirates
Vibetech - Digital Shamans Records/Satori
Wat Kins - Free The Mind Recordings/ Mastaplan
UV Decor supplied by Daydreamerz
Sound provided by Norfolk Audio Solutions (NAS)
Everything else by Naughty N Nice!!
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